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Manitowoc K-00146 Ice Bagger


Hi, my name is Josh and I'm from Prima Supply. Today we have the K-00146 Ice Bagger from Manitowoc Ice, and I'm going to show you how it works. It's pretty easy to set up and it can stand on the floor on its own.

Manitowoc Ice Bagger

Ideal for all bagged-ice retailers including grocery stores, convenience stores, marinas, and campgrounds.

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It has these rubber bumpers on the bottom so that you don't scratch up your floor at your facility. Alternatively you if you have a taller bin you can attach the bagger to the bin using the supplied bracket, which goes on either the left or the right side of the bagger.

This large chute on top makes bagging easy and minimizes spillage. All you have to do is pull open one of the bags from the dispenser and start scooping. Make sure to leave enough empty space to close and seal the bag. Firmly pull the bag from the dispenser, spin, and seal the bag with a twist tie.

The bagger ships with an initial supply of bags, and you can purchase replacements on our site. To summarize the K-00146 Ice Bagger from Manitowoc Ice, is a great way to increase profits and provide a great experience for your customers. Thanks for watching.

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