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Hi, this is Warren from Prima Supply, and I'm here today to talk to you about Manitowoc's new NEO series undercounter ice machines. There's a lot to love about these little ice makers, but some of the things that stand out to us are their production, their efficiency, and their accessibility.

Manitowoc NEO Ice Machine Series

Reduces energy and water consumption by up to 25%, earning the NEO an Energy Star award

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With production, although Manitowoc kept the same footprint as their older Q Series undercounters, they ramped up production to give you up to as much as 40 pounds more ice from the same little machine. Remarkably, you get this increase in production with less energy use.

All of the air-cooled NEOs are going to be Energy Star certified, which means you save over 10% in your electric bill, and over 25% off your water bill. Accessibility is important, both for routine cleaning and maintenance, and for periodic service.

Manitowoc has infused the interior components of the NEO with an anti-microbial silver-based compound they call AlphaSan, that fights against growth of mold and bacteria. Moreover, they've made access to the internal components extremely easy by using thumb screws, so you have toolless access to components like the water distributor and the water trough for easy cleaning.

Should your machine ever need service, Manitowoc has made accessing the heart of the NEO as simple as removing a few screws. With these pieces removed, flip two tabs, and the whole bin slides forward to reveal the guts of your machine. Your service person will spend less time. Your machine will be restored to full health quicker.

The NEO is a user-friendly undercounter, producing more ice with less energy use. When you add in the smart diagnostics and the simple to use, modernized controls, what you have in the NEO is a smarter undercounter, which we think will make a smart buy for all of our customers. Check it out and thanks for watching.

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