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Merrychef Eikon E6 Rapid Cooking Oven


Hi, this is Chef David Ash with the Zink Food Service Group. We're going to talk to you briefly today about the eikon series by Merrychef. What you see right here, this is our e6, our newest in the line-up.

Merrychef eikon e2 Rapid Cooking Oven with Planar Plume Technology

With the eikon e2, you can cook food up to 10 times faster than with conventional cooking methods.

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This features the planar plume technology. If you want to come on over here and look on the inside of the cavity. Look at the very top and you see the columns of air. What we're doing is we're bringing air through columns. So when you think about it, instead of thinking about regular convection when you're talking about a fan, we're actually using blades of air that are bringing that air directly onto the food. We're launching our microwave from the side so it allows us to use any kind of pan.

We also have the e2, the e3, e4, e5, and here is the e6. The e2 is our smallest of the family. Our e2 is about half the size of the e6, which you can also run in tandem with another. So you can use one plug, plug it into the wall and then you can take that second e2, plug it into the back of the existing, so that you can run two ovens simultaneously off of one plug.

Merrychef eikon e3 Rapid Cooking Oven with Planar Plume Technology

With the eikon e3, you can cook food up to 10 times faster than with conventional cooking methods.

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The e3 is a standard microwave with convection. It has a turn table. Our e4 is the unit that uses the impingement, microwave, and convection technologies. The e5 is the largest model of the entire family, that allows a half-size sheet pan capacity. And then our e6 is the only one that features both planar plume and infrared technology.

When you see below, you see the infrared right there. What that gives us the opportunity to do is, it allows us to launch heat from the bottom, energizing that cook plate that you saw. That cook plate, that entire cooking surface is 14 by 14, so it's made perfectly for a 14 inch pizza.

Just like you saw in some of our other videos online, you've seen our easyToUCH controls. Exact same set-up that you'll see in our combi ovens as well. It's a very simple operation. You have the same USB capabilities right here, by which you can maneuver recipes in and out. You can also translate them onto a PC or you can write your recipes onto a PC and translate them onto your Merrychef.

So what we are going to do for you real quick is we're going to go into our Press & Go. We're going to insert our macaroni and cheese in our cast-iron skillet, hit our preset recipe. And then In two minutes you're going to have a finished product.

Again, what we want to kind of cover is when you're talking about our e2 and our e6. Primarily the e2 and e6 are the two units that both use the planar plume technology. The e3 and e5 are both convection microwaves. Remember that the e5 is the largest; half-size sheet pan capacity. And then our e4 falls right in the middle. The e4 is the fastest of all the models, because it uses impingement.

Impingement by definition means to strike with great force. The best visual you can use is when you blow air through a straw and you see the indentation in your hand. That's exactly what impingement is. It's forced air through a column. So that's the e4. The e4, that's the one where you see in a lot of today's fast casual restaurants if you will, when they ask you if you want your sandwich toasted. That is the machine that they're putting it into, and about 45 seconds later, you have a hot toasted sub.

So again, just stroll on down here, this is our e4 unit right there. We don't have it plugged in but that's a very good visual. As you can see down there, you see the impingement plate. We have about 45 seconds left on this.

So just finishing up here on our macaroni and cheese. It only took two minutes. It was refrigerated going into, so we already had it prepped from refrigerated into the Merrychef. And in just two minutes, the product comes out, golden brown on the top. And as you can see, the macaroni and cheese is boiling hot, and ready to serve table side.

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