Video Overview | Orange Date Muffins With The Vitamix XL Commercial Blender

Vitamix XL Commercial Blender


We're here to make an orange date muffin. What we're going to use is our XL container. So, we're going to fill this to the brim with our ingredients. So, I'm going to put our oranges in. And what we're going to do with the oranges is break that fiber down, so that this will create a smooth texture. Now, we're going to start with the other liquids. Our eggs. So again, going into something that you normally don't do in a blender, one of the big keys... We got our oil. Is that this will create the vortex that we always talk about, and then be able to pull our flour and other ingredients down. So at this point, what I want to do is put my lid on. Secure the lid tightly, and then we're just going to blend it on high for about 15, 20 seconds. Start on low.

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So at this point, we're going to talk about our dates. With this, we could have put the dates in already and blended it on high. But I want to get a little bit more texture with them. So, what I'm going to do is put them through the lid plug, and obviously the seeds are gone. So now at this point, I'm going to put it on a six and utilize our pulse feature. What this is going to do is chop these up. So, giving our texture. Okay. So with this, and I bring this back off, take the lid off, and we're back there. So, I'm going to put in our flour. So, I'm just saying keep a spatula close so that I can just lightly pull this in. So, just regular AP flour here. We have some whole wheat flour coming in, baking soda, salt, and our spices. So, put our lid back on. Turn it on, and bring that back down. So, that is our batter. And there we have it, our orange date muffins.

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