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With growing concerns of the atmosphere taking on more and more hazardous emissions, True looks to be a part of the solution and practicing responsible manufacturing. Hydrocarbon refrigeration is the next step towards better refrigeration and environmental responsibility. Hydrocarbon refrigeration is not new. It has been around for decades and is widely used throughout the world. At least 40% of global household refrigerator production now employs hydrocarbon refrigerant. In 2011, the EPA approved hydrocarbon for use in the U.S. and became a real choice as a natural refrigerant. The government has gone ever further to initiate a ban on hydrofluorocarbons and setting energy regulations as early as the year 2019.

True Refrigeration with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant

True's refrigeration units are now produced with Hydrocarbon Refrigerant.

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True was recently recognized at the White House for its support and leadership in committing to reduce emissions of HFC's. With these changes in place, we now have 1.5 to 1.8 billion domestic hydrocarbon refrigerators and freezers in operation. The environmental impact is the real driving force behind the change. Hydrocarbon or R-290 refrigerant has a substantial benefit to the environment as it has a low global warming potential of three and zero ozone depletion potential. The EPA has initiated the delisting of refrigerants R134A and R404A. Hydrocarbon refrigeration is safe through regulation and charge limitations. Stores are filled with items containing propane and other flammable gasses and we use many safely in our everyday life.

As you can see, our coolers actually contain less propane than many everyday products. Our coolers have also seen an improvement in efficiency, as seen in this chart, which will help us meet future regulatory requirements. In our labs, cabinets go through rigorous testing. With hydrocarbon refrigerants, this is no exception. To comply with regulatory safety standards across the globe, we have conducted various tests on our hydrocarbon cabinets. Our cabinets have always stayed within the non-flammable levels as very little refrigerant is actually needed to operate each unit.

We at True want to make a difference. True has spent years developing hydrocarbon refrigeration and we are ready. Hydrocarbon cabinets are now in production and like all True coolers, careful inspection and quality control throughout the manufacturing process achieves top-quality equipment for our users. The final step in the process is the charging with our natural refrigerant, hydrocarbon. Once charged, the cabinet is sent down the line and ready to be packaged. True is proud to be producing a more efficient and environmentally friendly product. As we look into the future, we continue to look for better innovations to make us the best manufacturer of refrigeration in the industry. Please join us in this journey toward a more sustainable future.

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