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True Refrigeration Reverse Condensing Fan Motor RCU Technology


True's patented reverse condensing fan motor, RCU, which has been the envy of the industry for more than 15 years, is now a standard feature on all True models with hydrocarbon refrigerant. RCU technology allows for the reversing of the direction of the condensing fan motor. Upon each compressor startup, the fan motor will reverse direction to help blow off excess dust, dirt, and debris from both the interior and the surface of the condensing coil.

True Refrigeration with RCU Technology

Patented Reverse Condensing Fan Motor technology helps extend the lifespan of your True refrigeration unit.

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A clean condensing coil can help reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%. Reduced compressor run time leads not only to a longer lifespan for the compressor but for the fan motor as well. A clean coil also goes a long way in maintaining better product temperature. While a reverse condensing fan motor does not replace the need for preventative maintenance, it will greatly increase the lifespan of your True cooler as well as helping you maintain the coldest temperatures and the freshest product possible. True RCU Technology.

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