Video Overview | True Spec Series Refrigerators & Freezers

Video Overview | True Spec Series Refrigerators & Freezers

Mar 14th 2019 Written by meredithlangley

True's Spec Series is made up of high-end, customizable refrigerators and freezers. This line offers a wide variety of unit designs, including reach-ins, pass-throughs, roll-ins, and roll-throughs, as well as various door configurations. View the many different possibilities available in True's Spec Series in this video, and discover the right fit for your commercial setting!


True's Specification Series, also known as Spec Series, is a high-end, customizable commercial refrigeration line. The Spec Series consists of a wide offering of refrigerators, freezers, and heating cabinets in many applications, such as reach-ins, pass-throughs, roll-ins, and roll-throughs. The option continues with the choice of full-length or half-sized solid doors, full-length or half-sized glass doors, as well as a combination of any options. Made with high-quality metals, there are three different variations to choose from. The STR has a stainless steel front and sides with a matching stainless steel interior. The STA has a stainless steel front and sides with aluminum interior.

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And finally, the STG has a stainless steel front, aluminum sides, and an aluminum interior. Spec Series doors come with four cam-lift hinges for extra support. A solid metal door handle as well as a deadbolt style lock. The upper louvered grill or range shield is hinged allowing ease of access to the condenser coil for proper maintenance and cleaning. An electronic control and exterior digital temperature display are standard on the Spec Series. The cabinet comes standard with five-inch plate castors with the option of six-inch legs at no charge. On the interior of the STRs and STA's, you will find high efficiency LED lighting. True Spec Series has many interior kits to choose from including type one tray slides, type two tray slides, universal tray slides, and three different shelving options. The duct air flow design moves air from side to side, evenly distributing the cold air, making it an ideal environment for the use of sheet pans.

Each door comes with recessed easily removable gaskets which are protected by the embossed door liner. The entire cabinet is foamed in place using Ecomate, an environmentally friendly insulation offering zero ozone depletion potential and zero global warming potential. Many of the Spec Series units are Energy Star approved and all have an oversized and balanced refrigeration system, ensures faster temperature recovery, and shorter run times in the busiest of food service environments. Please contact your local food service equipment provider for more information. Certain features and benefits may vary by country by country or location. True's Spec Series.

Mar 14th 2019 meredithlangley

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