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Hi, I'm Rene with Prima Supply and this is Turbo Air's bottle cooler series. This is a TBC-36SB which represents that series. Bottle coolers give restaurants the ability to store all of their cold beverages in one place so that they are chilled and ready to go whenever the customer orders them. We think that they are an essential part to any full service bar or restaurant. The units themselves range from about 25 inches all the way up to a mammoth 95 inches. And they vary in cubic feet from all the way from 3.6 to 30 cubic feet.

Turbo Air Bottle Cooler Series

The Bottle Cooler Series features a stainless steel interior and exterior, providing an easily maintained, durable product.

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Whether you're a small dive bar or a high volume restaurant, we think that you'll find one of these units will fit the needs that you have. The TBC line holds the temperature between 33 and 38 degrees, which is ideal for cold drinks. Also inside the cabinet here, you'll see that the entire cabinet is lined with stainless steel which gives it a premium look and also makes it easier to clean up any spills that occur. We really like that feature. Also standard on every unit is a bottle opener and cap catcher which is really nice if the restaurant's getting really busy and need to open a bunch of bottles at the same time.

On the bottom here, you'll also find the casters that come standard with the unit and you'll also see the grate which, the compressor is also just behind that grate. And so it's mounted on the bottom. Bottle coolers are helpful for any restaurants that wants to provide a wider selection of beverages that wouldn't necessarily be available on tap. Whether you are storing domestic beer or microbrews, we think the TBC series is a fantastic option for you. Remember to check the rest of the listing for more information and thanks for watching.

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