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Turbo Air M3F24-1 Freezer


Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Supply and I'm here to take you through Turbo Air's M3F241 Freezer. This freezer has a smaller footprint so it's going to be better for small cafes, possibly small ice cream operation, a convenience store, any place where you really just need to be able to slide in a freezer. This one's going to fit which is great because you'll get that freezing capacity in a smaller kitchen venue. One really cool thing about the entire M3 Freezer line is the fact that it's incredibly energy efficient. If you compare it to other models within the same ranking from other manufacturers, this one will actually be saving you more money on your utility bill because it's just a very, as we said, Energy Star Certified machine that is really going to help with efficiency.

Turbo Air M3F24-1-N Freezer

Refrigeration system is over-sized to reduce cooling time and deliver greater efficiency.

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A really cool feature about this machine is this external temperature right up here. So you always know what the temperature is within the cavity of the machine. You can also change the temperature from the outside as well. Which means that you don't have to open this front door here and let out all of your pre-cooled air which, therefore, wastes money. Everything can be controlled from right up top. Another great feature is the fact that if you leave the door open for 30 seconds a chime is going to sound and if you leave the door open for five minutes then an alarm will continuously sound until you close the door.

Another great feature about this machine, as I said, is its size. So it stands at 78 inches high with 31 inches wide and inside it can fit 24 cubic feet of product, which is actually quite spacious for how small it is. One final thing is that this is an older model so it doesn't have vents here at the top where the compressor is but the newer models all have that. So if you order it that's something that you'll be seeing. There it is. That is the Turbo Air M3F241 Freezer. Thanks for watching.

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