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Turbo Air M3R241 Refrigerator


Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Supply and I'm here today to take you over the Turbo Air's M3R241 Refrigerator. Now this is a smaller unit so it's going to be better in convenient stores or small cafes, or gas stations so on and so forth. In any case, it's a lower capacity storage refrigerator. It's also highly efficient which is very nice. It actually out performs other units that are comparable to it made by other manufacturers. So you're going to be saving money on your utility bill with this Turbo Air unit.

Turbo Air M3R24-1 Refrigerator

Refrigeration system is oversized to reduce the cooling time and deliver greater efficiency.

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Now, one of the refrigerator's main features is the fact that you have this external temperature control. So you'll always know what the temperature is within the cavity of the unit. Another thing is that you can control the temperature from the outside as well. Meaning that you don't have to pop open this door and lose all of your pre-cooled air that you've spent money cooling on in order to change the temperature, you can just do it from right up here which is quite nice. Another thing that this unit does is that when the door is left open for 30 seconds, a chime will go off. When it's left open for five minutes the chime will continuously go off.

Now, this is a single door unit. The nice thing about this model is the fact that the doors are actually field reversible which means that it can be adjusted to swing either to the right or to the left depending on the layout it needs of your kitchen. So it's pretty versatile in that way. Another thing is that, this is unfortunately an older model that we have here. So the newer models are going to have vents up in this top compressor which is a nice addition. Helps keep things a little bit cooler. Yeah, this fridge holds about 24 cubic feet of product on the inside so you can keep quite a bit in there. It stands at 72 inches tall. It's going to be 31 inches wide. So there you have it. That is the M3R241 refrigerator by Turbo Air. Thanks for watching.

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