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Turbo Air MST-28 Prep Table


Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Supply and I'm here to talk to you about the Turbo Air MST 28 Prep Table. Now, as we can see here the MST 28 is a fantastic little prep table. This will be like really efficient for small cafes and things like that, if you make salads or sandwiches to have all of your ingredients right at hand and kept fresh at the same time. So you can just make orders, spit them right out and not worry about how cool your ingredients are being kept, and so on and so forth. Now, the really neat thing about this Turbo Air models is that on the inside here, we've got about seven cubic feet of space on the inside here for you to put extra ingredients that aren't on top. It's aluminum sides and top with a stainless steel bottom and an insulated door as well. Up here in the top cavity, we have room for eight- 1/6th sized pans and this is all refrigerated of course.

Turbo Air MST-28 Prep Table

Cold air compartment evenly maintains the temperature for the pans to help keep food fresher longer.

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This top lid right here is completely insulated aluminum which is something that you're only going to find with Turbo Air Prep Tables. So you're not going to see that with other manufactures and it's a really great feature for these units. We also have a polyethylene NSF approved prep board here on top. You can just slide it right out for easy cleaning. It's just held in with this little bars here on the side. Then finally this unit is 27 and 1/2 inches. So it's quite small, so you're not going to use it for large kitchens and so and so forth. However, it's going to be really great to just slide into those tinier kitchens and you can do that by these four-inch casters down here at the bottom. So you can just wheel it in wherever you need it to be. So there we have it. That is the MST 28 Turbo Air Prep Table. You can learn more about this unit by checking out the listing. So thanks for watching.

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