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Turbo Air MST series prep table


Hi, I'm Sidra with Prima Supply and I'm here to talk to you about the Turbo Air MST Prep Table series which we have represented here today by an MST-28. Now as with any prep table, these units are really great for salad or sandwich dressings to keep them on hand and cool and fresh at the same time so you can just make a fresh order right off the bat and just have them right there. Now the great thing about the Turbo Air units is the fact that this inside cavity here is made from insulated aluminum on the two sides and the top. And on the bottom we have a stainless steel. And then on top here we have something that is very unique to the Turbo Air units and that is this aluminum lid is completely insulated. Which is something that you're not going to find with other manufacturer's prep tables.

Turbo Air MST-28 Prep Table

Cold air compartment evenly maintains the temperature for the pans to help keep food fresher longer.

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The Turbo Air also comes with an NSF approved polyethylene cutting board which is removable so it's very easy to clean. It just slides right in and out of these two holders right here. Finally, these units do come with four-inch casters at the bottom. So you can move your prep table wherever you need it to be and just slide it right in and out and they are locking as well. The MST-28 that we have here is 27 and 1/2 inches long and it is the smallest prep table in this series. There are six in this series all together. It works best in small cafés and things like that. And then the largest in the series would be the MST-72 which is 72 and 3/5 inches long. So you can go from small capacity to really big capacity and just be able to fit that in very large commercial kitchen. So there you are, that is the Turbo Air MST Prep Table line. Thanks for watching.

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