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Turbo Air Open Display Case Series


Hi, I'm Rene with Prima Supply. And today we're going to talk about Turbo Air's Open Display Case series. This is the TOM-30, which is a representative of that series. The Open Display Case is a merchandiser that displays cold food and beverages in high traffic areas like near your cash register or soft drink dispenser. Store owners really like them because they're attractive, the LED lighting draws the attention of the customer, and increases the opportunity to make a sale. Customers really like them because they can easily see the products in front of them and grab whatever they want.

Turbo Air Open Display Case Series

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Now in this series, there are two different types of display cases. There's horizontal and vertical. Horizontal, like this one, has a lower profile, so store owners like to use the top of these as counter space sometimes. Vertical cases are taller and we will find those typically set up against a wall where they have more height space. Horizontal cases are typically found in cafes and delis and vertical cases are more often found in convenience stores. So a really helpful feature that we like about these units is the LED lighting. LED lighting is actually standard on all Turbo Air Open Display Cases and this can make a huge difference in grabbing your customers' attention.

Each shelf will be outfitted with its own LED strip and it's eye-catching, it makes the unit overall more attractive, and we think that's great because it can also increase your sales. LED lighting is also more efficient. It produces less heat and consumes less energy than standard lighting. So what that means for you is less operating cost, which I'm sure you'll appreciate. And finally one of the features that we really like about this unit is the fact that it does not need a plumb line. There is a patented water evaporation system. So all you need is an outlet and you're good to go in this unit. So there you have it, the Open Display Case series by Turbo Air. We think it's a fantastic option for displaying your cold food and beverages. If you need more information, remember to check the listing and thanks for watching.

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