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Turbo Air Glass Door Freezer


Hey, Daniel here with Prima Supply to talk about the TGF 23 from Turbo Air. This is a glass door merchandiser freezer and it's great for displaying frozen foods, frozen meals, desserts, ice cream. Anything of that nature that you're trying to grab your customer's attention or if you want something in the back of house, so that you can easily see what you need before you open the door. This unit holds 23 cubic feet of goods. It measures 78 and a quarter inches tall. It's about 27 inches wide and 30 inches deep. We're going to look at the top features of this unit which are simply the precise temperature control that it offers and an auto fan shutoff feature.

Turbo Air TGF-23F Glass Door Freezer

Triple-pane glass door with patented thermal insulating film reduces outer heat gain.

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So first the temperature controls. Really easy to use. It's like your home thermostat. You can just adjust up and down from 0 to -10 degrees. And it'll show you if the door is cracked open. It'll show you if the evaporator fan is running. And there is also this turbo freeze feature which, the turbo freeze is great if you are trying to stock up your freezer or clean it out and you've left the door open for a while. Simply, close the door, wrap up your business and then press the turbo freeze button and it's going to drop down those temperatures to food safe levels once again very, very quickly. It just continually runs the compressor. So it's a really handy feature so that your products stay food safe. Additionally, there is the auto off fan feature which is really great. So, say you're opening and closing your door all day long. Well, the evaporator fan is going to turn off instantly. That way warm, humid air isn't getting sucked into your unit. And then, that also means less wear and tear on your compressor, less warm air inside. So your evaporator fan doesn't have to run for as long.

On top of that, most freezers or refrigerators of this type have a set time that the evaporator fan runs. This unit just runs the evaporator fan as long as it needs to run and no more. All that together plus the LED lighting, the triple pane glass, that adds up to a 15% reduction of energy use. And then it also can prolong the life of your compressor by 30%. It's not going to save you thousands of dollars but it will save your hundreds of dollars in the long run and extend the life of your compressor. What we also really like about this unit other than just the attractive display case that it is, is the bottom mount compressor. It's easy for your service tech to get to. It also means that you have storage on top because you don't have the top mount compressor. Four inch casters, door locks. It's a great model overall. And then lastly, Turbo Air offers a really solid warranty. Three years parts and labor and then a five year compressor warranty. So they really stand behind their product. They have great customer service and very proficient service techs. Check it out if you're in the market. If you're trying to sell ice cream, frozen goods or if you need to replace the unit, then this unit or one of the others freezers from Turbo Air should be right up your alley. Thanks for your time.

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