Video Overview | Turbo Air TGM Series Merchandisers

Video Overview | Turbo Air TGM Series Merchandisers

Dec 18th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

The unique design of the TGM Series merchandisers include an algorithmically-controlled air circulation system and triple-pane glass doors. This can conserve at least 15% energy and extend your compressor’s life up to 30%. LED lighting is another great, energy-efficient feature. With eight times the life of fluorescent bulbs, less heat output, and reduced electric draw, Turbo Air’s LED lighting is a win on all points. By conserving energy, this Energy Star merchandiser saves you money on your electric bill.



Hey, Daniel here with Prima Supply to talk about the TGM Glass Door Merchandiser Series from Turbo Air. These are refrigerators for easily and attractively displaying drinks or food products that you're trying to sell and get your customers' attention with. It's also great for back of house in case you want something that's just really easy to see if you're in a hurry, and you need to grab something, you can see it before you even open up the door. So, very versatile machines. There are ten in the line up, everything from a counter-top model all the way up to a six and half foot model that stores thousands of products, hundreds of food products, thousands of drinks.

Turbo Air TGM Series Merchandisers

Energy Efficient - Energy Star certified to save you money.

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And today, we're going to, we're looking at the 23 Series, which is 21.1 cubic feet. So this is a great line up because it has an early warning system, really easy to use temperature controls, and it's very energy efficient. So, first off, its energy efficiency, we'll talk about that. So its Energy Star rated, it has LED lighting, which means it has eight to ten times longer lasting light than standard lighting. It also looks a lot better than standard lighting. That helps with the efficiency. But it also has an auto-off feature for the evaporator fan. So if I open the door, the evaporator fan is going to turn off, and that way, warm humid air won't get sucked into the unit, which is just going to cause your unit to have more warm air, and work harder and work longer than necessary.

So another great thing is that it's digitally controlled and so it's only going to run as long as it needs to run. Other commercial refrigerators and freezers will often have a set time that they need to run the evaporator fan. But this series is really great, because like I said, it's just going to run as long as it needs to run. That reduces your energy efficiency. I'm sorry, reduces the energy consumption by about 15 percent and it prolongs the life of the compressor by up to 30 percent, which is really great and it shows clearly why it's an Energy Star model. So next up, the early warning system is superb. So say you have something wrong with the fridge. Well this unit's going to detect it before it actually becomes a real problem. That way, you're not walking in the morning with a broken down fridge and spoiled food, which I'm sure has happened to many of you.

Lastly, the temperature controls are right under here. And since a lot of customers will place these out in their front of house where if you're like a deli or a convenience store, you don't want, often, you'll have little kids coming up trying to push the buttons, that sort of a thing. So the controls are hidden under this panel. It's like your thermostat at home. Super easy to read temperature up and down. It also lets you use a turbo cooling feature, which is really great. So say you have a storage, or you're trying to stock up, or you're trying to clean your unit. Well this'll work really well if you just hit the turbo cooling button once you're done, close the door, and the turbo cooling is going to continuously run the compressor to bring back your temperatures down to food safe level. So the unit also has standard door locks, four inch casters, and a great warranty. Turbo Air provides a three year parts and labor warranty and then a five year warranty on the compressor. This is really competitive for the market and it really shows that Turbo Air stands behind their product line. So this is the TGM Glass Door Merchandiser Series. Thanks for your time.

Dec 18th 2017 meredithlangley

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