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Turbo Air Open Display Merchandiser


Hi, I'm Rene with Prima Supply and today we're going to talk about the TOM 30SB open display merchandiser by Turbo Air. The open air merchandiser is a refrigerated display case which displays your cold food and beverages in high traffic areas, like near your cash register or your soft drink dispenser. Store owners really like them because they are attractive and the LED lighting draws the attention of the customer which increases the opportunity to make a sale. Customers really like them because they can easily see whatever product is in front of them and they can reach out and just grab whatever they want. Let's talk about this unit a little bit. This unit has stainless steel shelves that are 25 inches long and 7 inches deep. There is about 4.6 cubic feet of room in there, which roughly translates to about 60 bottled beverages.

Turbo Air TOM-30SB Open Display Merchandiser

Oversized refrigeration system creates a uniform temperature.

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The TOM 30SB is also the smallest in the series. So it's perfect for a lower volume café or deli. Because it only measures 28 by 33 and a half and it's 41 inches tall. A really helpful feature that's standard on all Turbo Air units is LED lighting. Each shelf will be outfitted with an LED strip and that can make a huge difference in drawing your customer's attention. Its eye catching and makes the unit look more attractive, which will hopefully lead to more sales. LED lighting is also more efficient. It uses less energy and produces less heat than standard lighting. That means for you that your operating cost will go down. A great feature about this unit is that it does not require a plum line. It's outfitted with a patented water evaporation system. So all you need is an outlet and you're good to go. So that's the TOM 30SB. We think it's a great option for anyone looking for an attractive and efficient unit that holds cold food and beverages. If you have any more questions or need more information, be sure to check the listing and thanks for watching.

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