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Hey, Daniel here with Prima Supply to talk about the TS Series from Turbo Air. This is their super deluxe line and it comes in a fridge or a freezer. They have the 23 cubic foot model which is represented here. They have a 35, a 49 and a 72 in both refrigerator or the freezer. So we're going to talk about some of the standout features of these units. They're great for storage, they're great if you need something small for the front of house or additional storage in the back. You can use it for a variety of reasons. So we'll talk about the series and go over some of the features like the temperature controls, stainless steel interiors and then the really great auto off fan feature that gives the unit its Energy Star qualification.

Turbo Air TSR-23SD Refrigerator

High-tech monitor displays the current temperature and allows users to easily adjust the thermostat.

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So first, the temperature controls. What's great about the temperature control is, it's like your thermostat at home, it's really easy to see what temperature it is. You can adjust the thermostat very easily, up and down. It shows you the evaporator fan is running. If the door is open, and then if the door is open for more than 30 seconds, say there's just something blocking the door from closing all the way. Then you'll hear an alarm after 30 seconds go off to tell you that you need to close the door. Additionally it has this turbo cooling feature which is great, and on the freezer series it's the turbo freeze. So you press it, and what this does is if you are say stocking or cleaning out your refrigerator or freezer and you've had the door open for a long time, you want that temperature to drop back down quickly. So press the turbo cooling or the turbo freeze button and what that's going to do is it will continuously run the compressor until your unit is back down to a food safe temperature. It's a really great feature, it comes in handy very often.

All right, so we also have an all stainless steel interior which is part of the super deluxe line. Stainless steel shelves, this unit actually has three shelves, we just have two in here right now. Really easy to remove brackets. You just twist them horizontally and pull them out. So really easy to adjust shelves if you need it. Then just makes the unit really easy to clean, so reduces corrosion with the all stainless steel interior. Super easy to clean. As you can hear the door alarm, as I said leaving the door open. It's just like cleaning some of your stainless steel tables or workstations. Next, you can't hear it anymore because it's not running, is the evaporator fan. It has this great auto off feature which means that while the unit is running and you have the door open, the evaporator fan will automatically shut off, that way it's not pulling in warm moist air into your unit or anymore than as necessary. So this helps reduce the energy by about 15% which is great.

Then it prolongs the life of the compressor. It does that in several ways, one of which is that most units, most standard commercial units are going to have a set time that the evaporator fan runs, but this series of units, the TS Series has a set or I'm sorry, not a set time but an automatic evaporator fan that's going to run as long as it needs to. So it's not going to run any longer than necessary, it'll run a little bit longer in the summer than in the winter but not any longer than necessary. That's going to help prolong the life of your compressor. So other features on this unit are the bottom mount compressor, 4-inch casters, standard door locks like most units you're going to see out there nowadays. Then there's a flat top for storage in case you need extra storage space. So to seal the deal, Turbo Air is really great. They have a great warranty, it's three years parts and labor and then they also have a five-year compressor warranty. This is really competitive in the market and a great reason to buy from Turbo Air, they really stand behind their products. They have great service technicians and they'll have you on your way in no time if anything happens to your machine. Thanks for your time.

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