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Hey, Daniel here with Prima Supply to talk about the TSR23SD from Turbo Air. This is a commercial refrigerator, it's energy star qualified, and has 23 cubic feet of space. It's 27 inches wide, 78 and a quarter inches tall, and 30 inches deep. So we're going to talk about a few of the defining features of this unit. It's great if you want a unit for the front of the house for quick stocking or if you want it in the back for storage. So first of all, as you can notice, it's a stainless steel unit on the front and the sides and then an all-stainless interior with stainless steel shelving. This unit comes with three stainless steel shelves, even though only two are present. It also has really easy to remove brackets, which is great. You just turn them horizontally and they pull right out. You turn the unit on and you'll see that there is regular lighting in here. Now all of these units actually have LED lighting. So if you order one of these, you'll get an LED-lit unit, which is the new standard in commercial refrigeration, and it lasts 8 to 10 times longer than standard lighting.

Turbo Air TSR-23SD Refrigerator

High-tech monitor displays the current temperature and allows users to easily adjust the thermostat.

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So if you'll notice up here on the temperature control panel, it's really great. There's the turbo cooling feature, which I'll talk about in a second, the evaporator fan. And then as you can hear the door, there's a little beep alarm that lets you know that the door is open. So it's like your thermostat at home. It's really easy to adjust the temperature up or down ranging from about 31 degrees to 38 degrees. And then what's really great is this turbo cooling button. So say you've been stocking your refrigerator or cleaning it out, a great thing that you can do is once you wrap up, the temperature is up high, then you just push the turbo cooling button and that's going to continuously run your compressor for two hours or until your unit drops back to food safe temperatures. The other great thing about this unit is the evaporator fan and this is what really shines in this unit and gives it the energy star qualification that it has.

So if you open up the door and you can't really hear it, but the evaporator fan in here automatically turns off. And what this does is it allows cooler air to stay inside and it doesn't pull in warm, humid air, which obviously, when you're opening and closing the door all day is going to cause a lot of wear and tear on your parts and it's going to make your system work a lot harder than it needs to. The other great feature about this evaporator fan is that unlike most commercial refrigerators they have a set time that the evaporator fan runs. This unit runs the evaporator fan as long as the fan needs to run and no longer. That equals an energy savings of at least 15% and it helps prolong the life of the compressor by about 30%. So it's another reason that this earned its energy star qualification and a great reason that we really like these units. So lastly, we have four-inch casters, this is all standard, the bottom mount compressor. There's a flat top for storage if you need extra storage space and the unit has a three-year parts and labor warranty and then a five-year compressor warranty. It's a really great competitive warranty for this market and it shows that Turbo Air really stands behind their units. Thanks for your time.

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