Video Overview | Vitamix Aerating Container Mojito Recipe

Video Overview | Vitamix Aerating Container Mojito Recipe

Nov 7th 2017 Written by meredithlangley

With its unique disc blade that allows for optimal air-flow, the Vitamix Aerating Container is able to muddle cocktails at the touch of a button, allowing you extra time to reach more customers. In this video, Matt Duggan pairs the Aerating Container with The Quiet One blender, to make a tasty Mojito.



Hi, my name's Matt Duggan, Recipe Development Manager here at Vitamix. I'm here to introduce you today to one of our latest innovations in our commercial line, our Aerating Container. It features a unique disc blade that allows you to create different textures and techniques utilizing our commercial equipment. For more information on the Aerating Container please contact your Vitamix Regional Sales Manager.

Vitamix 062947 Aerating Container with Disc Blade - 32 oz

Disc blade design creates dense and pourable culinary foam, flavored whipped cream, mousse, infusions, and emulsions.

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A classic Mojito involves muddling. Let me show you how we do it in our Aerating Container. We'll be using the Quiet One with factory program number one for this recipe. In this recipe we've got some mint, Rum, simple syrup, and fresh lime juice which happen to be made in our Aerating Container earlier today. We're going to place the top on our container and place the container on our blending base. We're using factory program number one for this, which is about an 18 second blend. A short blend and we're done. We'll take our mixture, pour it over top of our ice, top with some club soda, a lime, and some extra mint.

The advantage of muddling cocktails in the Quiet One is that I'm able to set the Aerating Container on the base, push a pre-programmed button and attend to other customers while the Vitamix does the work for you. The Aerating Container is a simple, cost effective way to elevate your bar program. The disc blade is able to bruise the mint and release the essential oils traditionally brought out by hand muddling and mix the cocktails that is normally done by a bar shaker. Enjoy.

Nov 7th 2017 meredithlangley

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