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Vitamix Aerating Container and The Quiet One Commercial Blender


Hi my name's Matt Duggan, recipe development manager here at Vitamix. I'm here to introduce you today to one of our latest innovations in our commercial line, our aerating container. It features a unique disc blade that allows you to create different textures and techniques utilizing our commercial equipment. For more information on the aerating container, please contact your Vitamix regional sales manager.

Vitamix 062947 Aerating Container with Disc Blade - 32 oz

Disc blade design creates dense and pourable culinary foam, flavored whipped cream, mousse, infusions, and emulsions.

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Emulsified dressings work really well in the aerating container. For this recipe, I'm going to show you how to make a raspberry tarragon vinaigrette. We're going to be using our Quiet One machine for this and program nine for the recipe. We've got a couple ingredients that go into this. Including some apple cider vinegar, some fresh raspberries and tarragon, some dry mustard, salt, and pepper, and olive oil. We're going to simply add all of these, place our top on the container, and then place our blending container on the blending base. We'll push button number two, which we've pre-programmed with program number nine and let it run it's course. A quick 35 seconds and it's completed it's programmed cycle and we've got a nicely emulsified dressing.

Some of the advantages of why I like using the aerating container for dressings is that you're able to complete small customized batches in our 32-ounce container. The disc blade also allows for tighter emulsions without over processing these delicate ingredients and your customers more appreciate the natural ingredients, and seeing them in the actual blend. Rather than using pre-processed items. A nice fresh dressing to top our salad.

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