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Vitamix Drink Machine Two Speed Commercial Blender with fruit smoothie.


Hi, this is Chef David Ash. And I'm here today to show you the Vitamix Drink Machine Two-Speed. So, what's in the box? Upon opening, you'll see your drink machine two-speed base. It comes with a 64-ounce BPA free Triton container, extremely durable, stain resistant, also comes with a tamper. Included is a replacement drive socket, also a use and care manual. New for 2017 is a new and improved, more efficient 2.3 horsepower motor.

Vitamix 62828 Drink Machine Two Speed Commercial Blender

64 oz pitcher made out of Triton holds up to the demand of a busy bar or smoothie shop.

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The aptly named Drink Machine Two-Speed simply has low and high to choose from. To turn the machine on, put the robust switch to the on position. It's very important during operation to understand how the gears fit properly. When the pitcher's properly seated, it's not necessary to touch it once again. The worst thing that you can do to the unit while running is to rock the pitcher if cavitation has formed or simply it's blending at the bottom and the product at the top is sitting still. All you need to do is use your included tamper and that will be able to move the product through the blender properly.

So, let's make a smoothie. When making a smoothie or any drink for that matter, always make for sure that the pitcher is securely in place on the base of the unit. Now, when you're making a smoothie, the build is the most important. Always want to start with your liquid first. If you're using any leafy greens, like we're using fresh spinach here, you want that to go in as well. This way, all of the greens will incorporate and we're going to use our frozen fruit to help weigh it down. So, we're going to start off by blending this on low speed and as I add the frozen fruit, we're going to increase the speed. The reason why I'm using frozen fruit is I'm replacing it instead of using ice for this smoothie. When you're using ice, as the product sits, you'll notice it will start to separate. Using frozen fruit will help keep it blended together and give you a better flavor profile. So, in under 30 seconds, you have a beautiful, bright green smoothie. Cheers. Thanks for watching.

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