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Hey guys, Chef Roger here. We're going to talk about Vitamix, specifically, The Quiet One, right now. This is the quietest blender that's in the industry. Three horsepower. What's great about it is it has 30-plus pre-programmed programs. You can also have a high pulse and a low pulse. And we also can run it manually too. [grinding] Different settings going higher and lower. And now we're going to make a banana orange smoothie for you, with blueberry. So we're going to start with fresh oranges. One orange cut in half, one whole banana, in half. We've got our frozen blueberries, and some water to help it all mix together.

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Put the cover on the Advance canister. Set that in place. We're going to close the enclosure. We're going to hit number three. That's already programmed for this specific smoothie. And you can see that I'm still talking over the sound of the blender. Within 30-some seconds, we'll have smoothies. Again, it's the quietest blender in the industry. So we'll lift the lid, remove our Advance canister. And here is some delicious blueberry orange banana smoothie. Nice and smooth, no ice crystals. You guys, thanks for joining me. It's Roger, talking about Vitamix.

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