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Hi, my name is Josh from Prima Supply, and I'm here today to talk to you about The Quiet One from Vitamix. The Quiet One is an ultra-quiet blender that's great for smoothie shops, coffee shops, and restaurants that want to maintain a nice and quiet environment while the staff does their jobs, but also for people to be able to continue conversations without being interrupted.

Vitamix 36019 - The Quiet One Blender - 48oz

Vibration dampening technology reduces noise to create a more customer-friendly atmosphere.

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Blenders like the quiet one have a sound enclosure that keep the noise in as well as a great control system on the front to give you flexibility in making your drinks. The Vitamix is very well built and sturdy. You can tell that when you open the box and pick it up. It's a little hefty, so it's not going anywhere on your counter top. They do also make an in-counter version of this, so you can have the choice of either one.

The control system on the quiet one is really nice. It gives you some options for a manual control for a pulse, and it also gives you six pre-programmed buttons. It comes with multi-purpose blend cycles programmed in. It has up to 3-4 blend cycles that you can actually program to any one of the buttons to fit your own specific needs.

The quiet one has their VitaMix's advanced jar, which is kind of oval shaped. It has a nice pour spout on the front so that you don't spill any and lose any products when you're making your drinks. It really is a sturdy jar as well. You can add more ingredients during the blend through the top here.

The Vitamix Quiet One also has a magnetic sound enclosure which is easy to remove and clean, just sticks right onto the base here. They've included a sound dampening pad on the base that goes in between the sound enclosure, and the motor base. They've really gone to great lengths to make sure that this unit is as quiet as it possibly can be. You just put this right back on like this after cleaning and you're ready to blend again.

Today we're going to make a strawberry banana smoothie and show you how that works. Like I said, if you want, you can reprogram some of these blend cycles to the different buttons and even create your own recipes through a special program through Vitamix, which you can contact them for. Today we're going to make this smoothie and use the medium smoothie setting on the quiet one. When you open the box, it's just the first button on the multipurpose blend cycles that come with the blender. We're going to show you what it sounds like before closing the sound enclosure and then after, so you get a really good idea of how well this blender actually does cut down on the sound. The advanced jar is a 48-ounce jar and so we're going to use the medium smoothie setting. It's good for about 20 to 32 ounces of smoothie. Set it in there and press the medium smoothie.

With the sound enclosure down, you can actually talk without raising your voice too loud, and keep the conversation going, so that you're not interrupted, and that people can just keep having a good time while the staff are doing their jobs. That was 18 seconds and the medium smoothie is done. That was really quiet. It's one of the quietest blenders on the market. It's a nice smooth strawberry banana smoothie in there.

The Vitamix Quiet One is great for coffee shops smoothie shops, restaurants, bars, even at home if you have kids sleeping, or whatever you want to keep the sound down for. It's very versatile and a really great blender. Cheers.

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