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Hey guys, Chef Roger here. We're gonna talk about Vitamix today, specifically the XL. This is a great piece of equipment. You'll see this more or less in schools and universities where they're doing large production. If it's a large production kitchen restaurant you can use it there, as well. So 4.2 horsepower, belt driven, with manual control you can pulse. You've got a variable speed and you've got an on/off switch. Very easy to control, very easy to run. So we're gonna make a salsa for you here now. I've got some stewed tomatoes and tomato paste I'm gonna add. I'm also gonna add some fresh tomatoes for some freshness, green chilis and jalapenos for some heat and then some fresh, washed cilantro.

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And you'll see I'm adding all the ingredients at one time, and then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put the lid on, I'm gonna start on low, and I'm gonna slowly turn it up as I process and make some fresh salsa. Let it incorporate. As you see it's incorporating here, start making it go faster by raising the variable speed. Depending on how thick you want it, you can stop it now. And it's a rather sick salsa. Or if you want it thinner you can let it run longer and faster. This is the consistency that I like to use. So I'll show you what this looks like. This is a great, fresh salsa. Very quick to make, very easy to make. Great with tortilla chips, tacos, what have you. Thank you guys. Chef Roger talking about Vitamix. Appreciate your time.

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