Video Overview | Vulcan PowerFry VK Series Fryers

Video Overview | Vulcan PowerFry VK Series Fryers

Jun 7th 2018 Written by meredithlangley

The Vulcan PowerFry VK Series Fryers feature innovative design that allows for more production and more efficiency than anything else on the market. This remarkable series lets you keep up with orders when the line gets long, and helps extend the life of your oil to cut down on costs. Discover more about the Vulcan PowerFry VK Series Fryers in this video.


[Richard] When first designing and producing this fryer, we wanted something that was more productive and more energy efficient than anything else on the market. [Jim] The Vulcan PowerFry is the one fryer you can buy that's going to give you more production and save you money doing it. The heat exchange tube is a very innovative design. [Paul] A traditional fryer you have a heat source that has one pass, basically, and it goes from the heat source, through the tube or along the side of the fryer and then up the flue. Most of the industry fryers, they have one pass heat exchange tubes. We said why not bend that a couple of times? Why not use every angle, every side of the tank as a way to heat the oil up? The more times you move that heat back and forth through the oil, the more opportunity it has for that heat to absorb into that oil so that you have less heat exiting the fire, thus having your lower flue stack temperatures.

Vulcan PowerFry VK Series Fryers

These programmable units make training new employees a piece of cake.

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According to Energy Star, we are the highest energy efficient fryer on the market. Customers can go to our website and they can see how fast they're going to save money on the Vulcan PowerFry, simply by using our calculator, and immediately see, compared to any of our competitors, how much money they're going to save using the Vulcan PowerFry. With the soft-start heat ignition system, it allows us to heat the fryer at a lower rate, thus extending out the life of the oil. Because we have so much heat distribution, we don't lose time in heating up to set temperature. This PowerFry model is set up to demonstrate the three different types of controls that we offer. We have an A control, which is our analog solid state control, the solid-state digital control, and computer control. We have a major casino who purchased two Vulcan PowerFry units because they were having trouble keeping up with the high volume in their buffet lines. And they were getting six drops of wings every hour. We put our PowerFry 45-pound BK high-efficiency fryer in there and we were able to get nine drops out of it.

Huge cost savings to them, but primarily, they were able to keep those buffet lines served. We had great success. And we have a lot of chains that are taking a really close look at it because it allows them to do something they can't do and that's get more production in a very small amount of real estate. And it uses our clean screen plus fabric filtration which gives them the ability to filter down to half a micron. It takes out all the particulates that are in the oil and then extends out the life of the oil even further. We put a 10-year warranty on the fry tank. We are very confident people are going to be using this fry tank 10 years from now. Our customers are looking for a way of saving money, conserving energy and trying to meet their need by putting together a fryer that would outperform all of our competitors. The product is done to perfection. We're able to cook more product in less time and also save energy and cost to the end user.

Jun 7th 2018 meredithlangley

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