Video Overview | Whipped Cream With The Vitamix XL Commercial Blender

Vitamix XL Commercial Blender with heavy cream


Here's one of those non-traditional recipes I'd love to show you how to do in our one and a half gallon XL container. Rather than having whip cream splatter all over the sides of your stand mixer, we can keep it self-contained in the blender, whipping the cream in about 45 seconds. Here's how you do it. We've got about a gallon of cream that we're going to place into our blender. And what the blender will do over that 45 second period, is whip it to a nice stiff peaks, to where we can put it into a pastry bag and even pipe it onto a plate.

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We're able to use granulated sugar in this recipe, because with the 45 second blend time, it dissolves all that sugar, giving us a nice natural flavored sugar taste, rather than using powdered sugar. And finally, we've got a little bit of vanilla extract we're going to add in for that nice vanilla flavor. Now, we're going to secure our lid and place it on the blending base. And while we're going to be blending this for about 45 seconds, you'll notice a little bit of a sound change. And that sound change is the ingredients inside the blending container actually getting thicker, as we incorporate air into this whipped cream. And after 45 seconds, you've got a nice stiff whipped cream.

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