Introducing Vitamix Commercial! A Revamped Line Up of Commercial Blenders by Vitamix

Vitamix Commercial Blenders

You may remember that Vitamix announced some upcoming changes to their line earlier this year at the NAFEM show. Well, that “upcoming” has come and gone, and we’re excited about the changes and their upgraded, consolidated line. But, with any change, things can be slightly confusing. What we have here is a quick reference to help you find out which new blender replaces your tried and true older model.

Upgraded Products

First, let’s talk about what blenders have been upgraded. We’ll get into the details of these upgrades later, right now I just want to talk about the new SKUs you’ll need.

Let’s say you’re looking to replace your old-school 1005 Vita-Prep 3, that one is no longer for sale. Instead, you’re going to need a 62826. It’s still a Vita-Prep 3, but it has a new number to go along with the new features. The great news is the one thing not updated is the price!

Here’s the full list of changes from Vitamix

Blender Drink Machine Two Speed Drink Machine Advance
(also known as Bar Boss Advance)
Vita-Prep 3 Vita-Prep Lid Plug/Advance Container Lid Plug/32 oz. standard Container Lid Plug/64 oz. standard Container
Old Number 748 5085 / 5086 1005 1002 1159 15649 755
New Number 62828 62824 (Black) / 62825 (Red) 62826 62827 15987 15851 62984

Discontinued Products

Along with the upgrades, we’ve also said goodbye to some of our old friends. Here are the blenders that are no longer being made, along with a recommended replacement:

What are the Updates?

With any change, “why” is a great question. So let’s do a quick overview of these changes. One thing to note, these are only affecting the uncovered blenders - if you’re worried about your Quiet One, things are staying the same there - at least as far as we know.

The new Drink Machine and Vita Prep models have upgraded, thermally efficient motors providing more bang for your buck. The Drink Machine line and Vita Prep units have received and upgrade in power and now come standard with 2.3 HP motors while the Vita Prep 3 sports a new 3 HP motor. All of the new units have new, more robust switches, and the new “Vitamix Commercial” label that makes what’s commercial and what’s residential clear. Apart from the Drink Machine 2-speed, there’s also an improved control board, and the Drink Machine Advance has new programs and red or black color options. For the end user, this means that your blender is going to do better under a load, over-heat less, be better at back-to-back blending, and the motor will live longer.

Upgrades also came to the containers - they’re now made out of Tritan instead of Polycarbonate. This allows the containers to be washed in quat sanitizer, whereas it would previously take the printing off of them. Also, the Drink Machine Advance’s container was bumped up from 32 to 48 ounces.

Final Notes

With this information, I hope you can find the exact blender you need. However, changes can be confusing - especially if you are looking at your first Vitamix purchase. If you have any questions that this guide doesn’t answer, leave us a comment and I’ll try to get back with you with answers. Or, you can always contact our customer service team at 888-810-5043 or

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