Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series CIM0836 Air-Cooled Modular Ice Machine with B110PS Ice Storage Bin and BPF-1 Adapter Kit

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CIM0836 | B110PS | BPF-1
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  • Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series CIM0836 Air-Cooled Modular Ice Machine with B110PS Ice Storage Bin and KBT5 Adapter Kit
  • B110PS
  • BPF-1
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If you are looking for the ideal combination of ice machine and storage bin, let us help some of the guesswork out of the decision. We have created several different bundle options with some of our favorite Ice-O-Matic products. If these don't work for you, feel free to contact our customer service department at and we will gladly help you find your preferred combination.

Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series CIM0836 Modular Air-Cooled Ice Maker

With its compact 30.25 in. design packed full of innovative and eco-friendly features, the CIM0836 is an ideal ice machine when space is limited, but a large amount of ice is necessary for the success of your business. This unit is capable of producing up to 896 lbs of ice per day, and with ground breaking capabilities like dual exhaust technology and one-touch cleaning, installing and maintaining your ice maker has never been easier. The CIM0836 is available in full, grande, and half cube options.* You can select which you would prefer at checkout or by clicking the "Click for Available Options" button.


This product does not come with a cord and will need to be hardwired by an electrician when it is installed.

Ice-O-Matic B110PS Slope Front Ice Bin

The B110PS Slope Front Ice Bin has a capacity of 854 lbs of ice and is ideal for any restaurant, bar, or coffee shop. With its stainless steel exterior, corrosion proof lining, and foam insulation, the B110PS is durable and designed keep your ice colder longer. Plus, with adjustable legs, you can access your crystal clear ice with ease.

Ice-O-Matic BPF-1 Filler Panel Adapter Kit

The Ice-O-Matic BPF-1 Filler Panel Adapter Kit is the best kit for fitting a 30 in. wide Elevation Series modular ice machine on a 48 in. with storage bin. These filler panel adapters measure 24 in. by 10 in. for a snug and secure fit between the two products.

For more information about Ice-O-Matic's Elevation Series, check out this blog post with helpful videos and information about the various features and capabilities of this line of ice machines.

Don't forget to take advantage of Ice-O-Matic's extended seven-year evaporator warranty by purchasing a single filter water filtration system with your ice machine, registering your ice machine and filter, and replacing the filter cartridge every six months. Both the filtration system and replacement cartridges are available as add-on products with this purchase.

* Different ice shapes may result in a variation of the amount of ice produced.

CIM0836 Features

  • Space-saving design and dual exhaust allow hot-air to discharge from the side or top of the unit adding flexibility to installation and limiting the potential of obstructed exhaust
  • Constructed with BPA-free plastic, recyclable parts, and digital controls to monitor energy use making this ice machine up to 20% more energy efficient than other leading models
  • Food zone built with BPA-free plastic parts that snap in and out and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning simple and efficient
  • Easily removable and dishwasher safe water distribution tube eliminates the hassle of bottle brushes when cleaning
  • One-touch cleaning system for sanitizing, and descaling with LED signals to notify you when cleaning is required
  • Universal Smart Harness™ control board allows for simple access, digital diagnostics, and common configuration, making installing and servicing simpler than ever
  • Agion® technology is permanently integrated into essential food zone area providing consistent and high-quality antimicrobial protection.

B110PS Storage Bin Features

  • Storage capacity of 854 lbs.
  • Polyethelyne bin liner protects against corrosion.
  • Insulated with foam for maximum ice preservation.
  • 6" adjustable legs.
  • Low profile easily allows access to ice without a stepping stool.
  • Large door opening for scooping or shoveling ice.
  • Stainless Steel Exterior

BPF-1 Filler Panel Adapter Features

  • Securely fits 30 in. wide Elevation Series modular ice machines to 48 in. ice storace bins.

Commercial Warranty

  • Ice Maker: 3 years parts and labor
  • Evaporator and Compressor: 5 years parts
  • Evaporator: 7 years parts and labor**
  • Storage Bin: 2 years parts and labor

**only when enrolled in Ice-O-Matic's water filter registration program

Ice-O-Matic Water Filter Registration Program

If you purchase an Ice-O-Matic IFQ1 Single Filter Water Filtration System with your cube ice maker, register your ice machine and your water filter, and replace the water filter cartridge every six months, you will receive seven years of parts and labor coverage on the evaporator.

CIM0836 Ice Machine

Specifications: Manufacturer: Model: ENERGY STAR Certified: Width: Depth: Height: Weight: Cond. Unit: Ice Shape: Ice Cube Dimensions in. (mm.): Ice Production per 24 hrs. (70° F air/50° F water): Ice Production per 24 hrs. (90° F air/70° F water): Potable Water Usage per 100 lbs. of Ice:* Condenser Water Usage per 100 lbs. of Ice:*
Ice-O-Matic CIM0836FA No 30.25 in. 24.25 in. 26.9 in. 220 Air Full Cube 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) 870 lbs. (395 kg.) 690 lbs. (313 kg.) 19.0 gallons N/A
Ice-O-Matic CIM0836GA Yes 30.25 in. 24.25 in. 26.9 in. 230 Air Grande Cube 1 1/4 (31) x 1 1/8 (29) x 7/8 (22) 800 lbs. (363 kg.) 645 lbs. (293 kg.) 19.0 gallons N/A
Ice-O-Matic CIM0836HA No 30.25 in. 24.25 in. 26.9 in. 220 Air Half Cube 3/8 (10) x 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) 896 lbs. (406 kg.) 711 lbs. (322 kg.) 19.0 gallons N/A

*Specs calculated 90° F air/70° F water.

Ice output per day varies based upon environmental conditions and size and type of ice. The Specification Sheet provided by the manufacturer is based on the max output of a half cube machine operating under ideal conditions. Full cube ice machines tend to produce a few less pounds of ice per day. To see a full comparison between half and full cube ice makers, see the Differentiated Spec Sheet document provided below.

B110PS Storage Bin

Manufacturer: Ice-O-Matic
Dimensions (W x D x H): 48 x 31 x 50 in
Weight: 163 lbs

BPF-1 Adapter

Dimensions (WxD)24 in. x 10 in.
Number of Filler Panels2
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