Ice-O-Matic Elevation Series CIM1126HR 968 lbs Modular Cube Ice Maker - Remote Cooled

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  • 22.25 in. space-saving modular remote-cooled cube ice machine capable of producing 968 lbs of half cube (3/8 in. x 7/8 in. x 7/8 in.) ice per day
  • Constructed of BPA-free plastic and recyclable material, designed to be up to 20% more energy efficient than other models, and exceeds 2018 DOE regulations
  • Dual Exhaust technology allows hot air to be discharged from the top or side of the unit
  • Universal Smart Harness™ control board simplifies servicing and installation through digital diagnostics and common configuration
  • Seamless, crevice-free food zone is entirely sealed off from mechanical parts making cleaning and sanitation fast and efficient
  • Built in Agion® heightens antimicrobial protection and One-Touch Cleaning makes sanitizing and descaling the ice maker incredibly easy
  • Extended seven-year evaporator warranty available through Ice-O-Matic's water filter registration program

Ice-O-Matic's Elevation Series CIM1126HR 968 lbs modular remote-cooled cube ice maker sports a 22.25 in. design packed with eco-friendly features and is perfect for optimizing narrow and tight spaces. Capable of producing up to 968 lbs of half cube (3/8 in. x 7/8 in. x 7/8 in.) ice per day, and built with high-quality recyclable materials and BPA-Free plastic, the CIM1126HR produces crystal clear ice more efficiently and with a smaller footprint than any of its competitors. The Universal Smart Harness™ control board, digital diagnostics, universal components, and common configurations make this ice machine user-friendly. And prioritizing health, safety, and cleanliness, the CIM1126HR has a seamless, crevice-free food zone completely sealed off from all mechanical hardware preventing contamination where ice would be. Agion® optimizes antimicrobial protection, and easily removable snap-in/snap-out components are dishwasher-safe. One-Touch Cleaning capabilities help maintain the quality of the CIM1126HR and prolongs the life of the ice maker. These standard features all are available with no additional money, inventory, or kits required for installation. For more information about some of these unique features, check out two of Ice-O-Matic's helpful videos!

All of these features come standard with every model of the Elevation Series ice machines and require no additional costs, inventory, or kits to install.


This product does not come with a cord and will need to be hardwired by an electrician when it is installed

Don't forget to take advantage of Ice-O-Matic's extended seven-year evaporator warranty by purchasing a single filter water filtration system with your ice machine, registering your ice machine and filter, and replacing the filter cartridge every six months. Both the filtration system and replacement cartridges are available as add-on products with this purchase.

Click here for more information about Ice-O-Matic's Elevation Series modular cube ice machines.

This Ice Maker Pairs Well With:

IFQ1 - Single Filter Water Filtration System

Replacement Cartridges Sold Separately

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This Ice Maker Pairs Well With:

Ice-O-Matic Model B42PS - 374 lbs Ice Storage Bin

Capacity: 374 lbs. No adapter kit required to pair with this ice machine.

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Product Features

  • Space-saving design adds flexibility to installation
  • Constructed with BPA-free plastic, recyclable parts, and digital controls to monitor energy use making this ice machine up to 20% more energy efficient than other leading models
  • Food zone built with BPA-free plastic parts that snap in and out and are dishwasher safe, making cleaning simple and efficient
  • Easily removable and dishwasher safe water distribution tube eliminates the hassle of bottle brushes when cleaning
  • One-touch cleaning system for sanitizing, and descaling with LED signals to notify you when cleaning is required
  • Universal Smart Harness™ control board allows for simple access, digital diagnostics, and common configuration, making installing and servicing simpler than ever
  • Agion® technology is permanently integrated into essential food zone area providing consistent and high-quality antimicrobial protection.

Commercial Warranty

  • Ice Maker: 3 years parts and labor
  • Evaporator and Compressor: 5 years parts
  • Evaporator: 7 years parts and labor**

**only when enrolled in Ice-O-Matic's water filter registration program

Ice-O-Matic Water Filter Registration Program

If you purchase an Ice-O-Matic IFQ1 Single Filter Water Filtration System with your cube ice maker, register your ice machine and your water filter, and replace the water filter cartridge every six months, you will receive seven years of parts and labor coverage on the evaporator.

Specifications: Manufacturer: Model: ENERGY STAR Certified: Width: Depth: Height: Weight: Cond. Unit: Ice Shape: Ice Cube Dimensions in. (mm.): Ice Production per 24 hrs. (70° F air/50° F water): Ice Production per 24 hrs. (90° F air/70° F water): Potable Water Usage per 100 lbs of Ice:* Condenser Water Usage per 100 lbs of Ice:*
Ice-O-Matic CIM1126FR No 22.25 in. 24.25 in. 26.9 in. 215 Remote Full Cube 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) 940 lbs. (426 kg.) 830 lbs. (376 kg.) 19.0 gallons N/A
Ice-O-Matic CIM1126HR No 22.25 in. 24.25 in. 26.9 in. 215 Remote Half Cube 3/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) x 7/8 (22) 968 lbs. (439 kg.) 855 lbs. (388 kg.) 19.0 gallons N/A

*Specs calculated 90° F air/70° F water.

Ice output per day varies based upon environmental conditions and size and type of ice. The Specification Sheet provided by the manufacturer is based on the max output of a half cube machine operating under ideal conditions. Full cube ice machines tend to produce fewer pounds of ice per day. To see a full comparison between half and full cube ice makers, see the Differentiated Spec Sheet document provided below.

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