Jet-Tech F-14 Multi-Purpose Counter Top Ware-Washer

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In a hurry? Check out these key benefits:

  • Versatile: Comes with multiple inserts for washing a variety of dishes
  • Easy: Built-in detergent and rinse-additive pumps and automatic wash/rinse cycles
  • Fast: Completes a full load in 3 minutes for a 20 rack/hr rate
  • Hot: Integrated booster for high temperature washing and rinsing
  • Efficient: Energy Star rated for high efficiency and lower utility costs

Dirty dish problem solved.

Wherever people eat, one thing is certain: there will be dirty dishes. Whether you run a cafe, daycare, bar, or sandwich shop, your small business needs a solution to its soiled dishware problem. You want a few distinct qualities in your dishwasher: it must be fast, flexible, and frustration-free. Jet-Tech’s F-14 multi-purpose counter top dishwasher may be just the solution you’re looking for.

The F-14 is designed to provide fast dishwashing to smaller or low-volume operations, pumping out a full cycle in 3 minutes flat. That gives you approximately 20 racks worth of clean dishes in an hour. While most quick-washing units are large and expensive, Jet-Tech’s multi-purpose washer is compact and budget-friendly. No need to buy a big, pricey machine just to get clean dishes quickly.

The F-14 works quickly, but it has more tricks up its sleeve than just speed. Designed for multi-purpose use, this flexible machine is ready for just about anything. Need to wash plates and silverware? Done. Got some glasses or blender containers that have to be cleaned? No problem. The F-14 comes with an open rack and 5 different inserts for washing a wide range of dishes. It doesn’t just wash dishes quickly; it washes various kinds of dishes quickly.

The benefits of the F-14 don’t stop at speed and flexibility; it’s also simple and frustration-free from installation to operation. With its compact size, you can install the machine almost anywhere, and its Energy Star rating reduces your frustration at your energy bill. The F-14 also has a few helpful built-in features: a water temperature booster ensures proper sanitizing temperature, while detergent and rinse-additive pumps keep your dishes clean and spot-free. Jet-Tech’s feisty little dishwasher removes frustration from the warewashing equation.

Jet-Tech’s fast, flexible, and frustration-free F-14 dishwasher is designed for small businesses, providing clean dishes ‘round the clock without breaking the bank. Dirty dish problem solved.

What's in the box?

  • (1) open rack (13.75" x 13.75")
  • (1) 4-place insert for blender containers
  • (1) 9-place insert for glassware
  • (1) 6-place insert for plates up to 10.5" in diameter
  • (1) 15-place insert for saucers and/or small plates
  • (1) cutlery holder

Standard Features:

  • Completes a full load in 3 minutes for a 20 rack/hr production rate
  • Built-in detergent and rinse-additive pumps
  • High-temperature operation: 150°F wash cycle and 185°F rinse cycle
  • Energy Star rated for high efficiency and lower utility costs
  • Brushed stainless steel chassis, body, and wash tank
  • Insulated double-walled panels to reduce heat and noise emissions
  • Compact size allows unit to be installed almost anywhere: counter top, floor, stand
  • Can accept items up to 11" in height
  • Integrated booster for high temperature washing and rinsing
  • Stainless steel interior scrap screens
  • Independent, alternating heating elements in wash tank & booster reduce energy usage
  • Thermostatic wash and rinse cycle control for ensured sanitation
  • Automatic fill and water level regulator
  • Safety switch on door to interrupt wash pump
Manufacturer Jet-Tech
Model F-14
Rack capacity 13 3/4" x 13 3/4"
Wash cycle 2 minutes, 45 seconds
Rinse cycle 15 seconds
Wash tank capacity 2.1 gallons
Wash tank element 1400 watts
Wash temperature 150° F
Rinse temperature 185° F
Booster capacity 0.53 gallons
Booster element 1400 watts
Wash motor pump 100 watts
Power supply 110/60 (default) or 220/50 (contact us to order)
Cord and plug included Yes
Amps 13.5
Water connection 3/4" male garden hose (hose included)
Drain connection 1" ID hose connection (hose included)
Shipping weight 72 lbs
Dimensions 19 3/4" W x 19 3/4" D x 23 5/8" H
Open door clearance 12"
Warranty 1 year parts, 90 days labor
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