What You Need to Start a Banana Stand (Because There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand)

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The original frozen banana is thought to have premiered at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, and was fairly popular. However, around the 1970’s, America’s love withered for the chocolate-dipped fruit. Within the past few years though, frozen banana stands have resurged, becoming a pretty attractive business model.

So, if you’re interested in taking a bite out of the banana stand trend, here’s what you would need.


The Turbo Air MUF-60 Undercounter Freezer.

Unless you like dumping bananas in liquid nitrogen, you’ll never be able to make that banana with double the chocolate, nuts, and two sticks without a freezer. The Turbo Air MUF-60 Undercounter Freezer would be our first choice. It’s powerful enough to withstand those hot summer days, and has enough space to store as many bananas as your heart desires.

Electric Food Warmer

Server FS-2 Topping Warmer.

Likewise, your banana plan falls apart without melted chocolate. An electric food warmer will keep your chocolate from hardening or burning over the course of the service. We suggest a Server FS-2 Topping Warmer for all your melted, sugary needs.

Stainless Steel Table

Atlantic Metalworks Stainless Steel Work Table

You’ll need a place to put your food warmer, along with all of your peanuts, sprinkles, graham cracker crumbs, and whatever else have you. It will need to be food safe and withstand sanitation chemicals, so an Atlantic Metalworks Stainless Steel Work Table would be a good addition for your banana stand.

Stainless Steel Sink

Atlantic Metalworks Compartment Bar Sink.

Part of running a food business means sanitation. An Atlantic Metalworks Compartment Bar Sink will help you keep that banana stand open for years to come, so one day your grandson will be able to work in it too.

Topping Containers

Dispense-Rite Drawer Topping Dispenser.

It's not a real frozen banana until you've added a little something special, like sour gummies or almonds. Well, you’ll have to have a place to keep all of those toppings. The Dispense-Rite Drawer Topping Dispenser would serve you well.

Smaller Tidbits

Johnson-Rose Spatula and Johnson-Rose Utility Tongs

It’s not just big, heavy stuff that you need, the stand is going to need some bits and bobs as well. A Johnson-Rose Spatula for stirring that silky chocolate and a pair of Johnson-Rose Utility Tongs for around the stand uses.

Now put it all together with a yellow stand, find yourself a food supplier, and sign the paperwork. You’re ready for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the beginning of your journey to becoming a fruitful business. Because there’s always money in the banana stand.

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Fantastic article! I have a few questions about proper handling of the equipment and the melted chocolate: - Would it be appropriate to dip the frozen bananas directly into the melted chocolate in the electric food warmer? - If there is leftover melted chocolate at the end of the day, what would be the most proper procedure for storing the chocolate for use over the next day? Thank you, AB

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