Server FS-2 - Single Well Food and Topping Warmer

Topping and food warmer from Server with lid and ladle

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Topping and food warmer from Server bowl
Topping and food warmer from Server
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Get that smooth, silky melt.

After spending time perfecting that creamy queso, the last thing you want is to find burnt, crusty cheese at the bottom of the pot. Many food warmers fall short of the delicate touch that foods like cheese or chocolate need. It’s time to find something which has the finesse for those more fragile ingredients.

The FS-2 single well food warmer by Server gently melts ingredients, making for velvety consistencies without that unwanted, singed crust. Its water bowl system acts as a double boiler, so your food never comes in contact with harsh heat. What’s more, you won’t have to babysit your food. The internal heat system is thermostatically controlled, and turns on or off when needed to maintain the pre-set cook rate.

Both the unit and the inset are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning. The stainless steel is also highly corrosion-resistant, meaning the Single Well Food Warmer will stand up to years of use. With its carefully thought-through construction and capable features, the Server Single Well Food Warmer will be able to handle those sensitive food items with care, making sure you never see a burnt chunk of caramel ever again.


Standard Features

  • Water bath system means no burning or scorching
  • Long-lasting stainless steel construction
  • Internal sensor regulates heat for consistency and adjusts when needed
  • Includes stainless steel lid, ladle (1 oz.), and inset bowl (1.5 qt.)


Dimensions (Dia x H)8 1/8" x 7 3/8" x 8 1/8"
Well Capacity1 1/2 qt
Plug Type5-15P


Over the years Server has developed many innovative products for serving, dispensing, and merchandising a wide variety of food items. As they look to the future, Server has as its goal to be a manufacturing company which provides the absolutely highest quality products possible.