Duke HB4HF - Heritage Buffet Unit - Sealed Well - 4 Pans

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525 lbs
30 in
63 in
39 in


Your buffet line is a bit like jazz - variations on a theme. You might have cold pans, hot wells, a cashier stand, and other cabinetry, but they are all tied together by shared elements of style, resulting in a classy composition. When people think of jazz, many may think "the Duke" since Duke Ellington is arguably the greatest composer of the 20th century and a jazz legend. When you think of buffet lines, you should also think of Duke - but not Ellington. Consider a Duke buffet unit like the HB4HF Heritage hot food table for your next four-well.

Like Ellington, Duke is a master at its craft. Started in 1935 in St. Louis, MO, Duke was the first to develop dry heat wells. Their bias towards insourcing has caused them to invest in the personnel and facilities that support ongoing innovation and advanced engineering. When you buy a unit like the HB4HF, this is the "heritage" you are buying.

Like Duke Ellington, and the music he is known for, Duke buffets are a U.S. original. Despite a worldwide market, Duke has kept their manufacturing at home in St. Louis and at another plant in central Missouri, facilitating greater quality control and creative improvements. Trust an American classic for your next four well steamtable.

With a Duke Heritage unit, you get the classy presentation "the Duke" was known for; but, unlike the musician, the Duke HB4HF will not give you the blues.