How Vulcan's Endurance Range Lives Long & Profits You

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Vulcan’s long history of reliability has established their name as one of the most trusted brands in foodservice. Their Endurance Range series carries this tradition forward as a line of ranges that fuse integrity with innovation. Prima Restaurant Equipment offers four ranges from the Endurance Line - four that we readily endorse for their quality, functionality, and savings. Let’s take a closer look!

Benefits and Functionality:

As indicated, Endurance ranges stand out for their integrity and innovation. With this line, Vulcan has sought to create an affordable restaurant range that combines time-tested quality with exciting new improvements that will save you time and money.

Each of the Endurance range ovens are equipped with four rack positions and two oven racks. Traditionally, standard ranges have been limited to a single rack because conventional ovens lack uniform heating. The Endurance range, however, utilizes Vulcan’s excelerator airflow technology to enable baking at two levels simultaneously. Strategic perforations in the oven liner effectively distribute heat throughout the whole oven, eliminating the hot and cold spots typically caused by multi-level baking.

Another innovation of the Endurance Range is its flash-tube pilot system that uses one pilot light for every two burners, reducing gas consumption. Set between the burners, Vulcan’s pilot light is shrouded under the heavy burner grates, so grease, water, and debris are kept from clogging up the pilot or extinguishing the flame.

Exciting features are useless if the basic structure lacks quality. For this reason, Vulcan has built their Endurance ranges on MIG welded frames, a feature you would normally see in heavy-duty ranges. Without sacrificing their low price, Vulcan has produced a higher quality, more durable frame that is ready for years of constant wear and tear.

For more information on these and other benefits, check out this video:

As noted in the video, in addition to its unique benefits, the Endurance ranges include a number of simple features that reflect Vulcan’s commitment to making your job easier. For instance, they oversize the rear grates on their burners by 2” to make room for your large stock pots. They've engineered their controls to be cool to the touch, even during peak times of use, so your staff won’t burn themselves adjusting the heat. The 32,000 BTU burners deliver the power for rapid boil times, the precision of evenly distributed heat for a saute, and an excellent turn down ratio for simmering stock and sauces. The Endurance series also includes a large front plating edge to hold your dishes while you transfer food from pan to plate. Features like these show that Vulcan understands a chef’s needs and demonstrates their commitment to providing you with functionality, performance, and savings.

We’re not the only ones impressed by Vulcan’s Endurance range. Here’s what one chef has to say about it:


Everything about this range is smarter - you can tell that when they designed it. Vulcan took the time to talk to people that actually cook on these ranges. There’s more work space on the front, the oversized heads, superior firing capacity, they even have the knobs hidden on the front so they don’t get hot and burned-up. It’s a better built range.

- Executive Chef Kent Anderson


Vulcan’s innovation also plays into your installation. These ranges are highly adaptable and can be brought in modularly and assembled on-site, enabling a great fit in nearly any restaurant setup.


The Endurance range’s quality, functionality, and innovation means savings for you. You save because you are getting the reliability of one of the most trusted brands in foodservice equipment, not dealing with repairs and downed equipment. You save because Vulcan’s functional design contributes to a safe and efficient workflow. And you save because their strategic improvements reduce cooking time, cleaning time, and fuel consumption.

Perhaps the most obvious savings is seen in features like the flash tube pilot system. By utilizing one flame for two burners, Vulcan has reduced the number of standing pilot light by one half. This alone can save you about $270 annually in gas consumption.

But savings also add up as you maximize workflow. For instance, because the Endurance oven’s heat distribution technology allows you to bake on more than one rack simultaneously, you can double your production, effectively cutting your cooking time in half. Picture of Vulcan Range This saves you both gas and time, and less expense means more profit.

Not only is cooking time conserved with the Endurance range, but so is the time you take to clean your equipment. The top section of this range can be disassembled for cleaning in approximately 60 seconds. Then, a complete cleaning of the entire range can be accomplished in approximately 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the size of your unit. Quicker cleaning means reduced labor costs and greater savings for you.

Buying from Prima Restaurant Equipment, you are getting a great price. And with a Vulcan Endurance range, you get a range with so much savings it buys itself back over time and makes this equipment worth the investment.


Benefits, Functionality, and Savings

The 36-S-6B, 60-SS-6B-24G, 60-SS-6B-24GB, and the 60-SS-10B are all equipped to deliver high performance in a fast-paced, heavy volume type of operation.

  • Fully welded frame supports the strong, long-lasting construction.
  • Innovative flash-tube pilot system reduces standing pilot lights and fuel consumption.
  • Excelerator airflow technology evenly distributes heat in the oven, allowing you to bake at two levels simultaneously.
  • Enlarged rear burner grates provide room for your large stock pots.
  • Range controls and oven handles are designed to stay cool to the touch throughout the day.
  • Large front edge serves as a convenient plating area.
  • Powerful 32,000 BTU burners boil quickly, saute evenly, and simmer stock and sauces with a great turn down ratio.
  • Simple dis-assembly allows for efficient cleaning of the whole range.

The range in this restaurant is the backbone of what we do.

- Executive Chef Kent Anderson


Do you own a Vulcan Endurance Range or do you have any questions about one? Please comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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