Shopping for a New Commercial Dishwasher? Insinger has been a Leader for Over 100 Years in Dishwashing Technology

For more than 100 years Insinger has been in the forefront of innovation and technology in the commercial dishwasher industry. A family-owned company, Insinger currently provides equipment and service to various markets across the world, including: hospitality, healthcare, education, corrections and military.

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Insinger RL-30 Undercounter Dishwasher

SKU: RL-30
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Insinger 30VP-2 - Vegetable Peeler

SKU: 30VP-2
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Insinger 66-4 - Admiral RPW Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher

SKU: Admiral 66-4 RPW
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Insinger 44-4 - Admiral Single Tank Conveyor Dishwasher

SKU: Admiral 44-4
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Insinger 185H - Commander Extra High Dishwasher

SKU: Commander 18-5H
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Insinger 18-5 - Commander Dishwasher

SKU: Commander 18-5
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Insinger 50VP-2 - Vegetable Peeler

SKU: 50VP-2
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Insinger Commander CS5 Chemical Sanitizing Dishwasher

Insinger CS5 - Commander Chemical Sanitizing Dishwasher

SKU: Commander CS-5
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