Ice-O-Matic Releases New Elevation Series

Ice-O-Matic Releases New Elevation Series

Feb 4th 2018 Written by mackenzie.miller

Simply Innovative.

These two words capture the aim of Ice-O-Matic's newly released Elevation Series. With the firm conviction that simplicity leads to operational excellence, and that innovation is more than the mere addition of bells and whistles, Ice-O-Matic sought to create a line that is easier to clean, service, and operate than ever before. This series packs the utmost in productivity and efficiency into one environmentally-friendly design.

Refresingly Simple Innovation

Different Capacities. Same Reliable Features.

Unlike many other lines of ice makers where each unit has specific parts, requires specific tools, and is just a bit different than all the others, Ice-O-Matic designed the Elevation Series to be cohesive. Despite having ice making capacities ranging anywhere from 300 pounds to about one ton of ice per day, these machines have similar measurements, universal parts, and common features, making installing, servicing, and using Ice-O-Matic’s ice machines easier than ever before. To top it all off, they all come standard and require no additional parts or cost to install. Let’s take a look at some of them in a bit more detail.

CIM Dual ExhaustDual Exhaust. The Elevation Series utilizes exclusive dual exhaust technology, offering a never-before-seen solution to problems with hot-air discharge. Many competitor models only accommodate air discharge from one point which means you have to carefully plan and arrange the rest of your kitchen around that one concern. But with dual exhaust, the Elevation Series accommodates both top-air and side-air discharge, and it is the only line on the market that does not require a specific kit for adjusting airflow. This technology provides limitless flexibility for installing your ice machine, regardless of airflow requirements.

CIM Food ZoneSnap In/Snap Out Food Zone. When it comes down to it, ice is food. Plain and simple. This reality opens manufacturers up to a whole slew of rules and regulations to which they must comply, such as those from the Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL), which is a nationally recognized testing agency by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). These guidelines are tested to the same sanitation standards as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Recognizing the importance of properly cleaning and maintaining the ice machine to comply with these certifications, Ice-O-Matic constructed the Elevation Series food zone entirely from BPA-free plastic with a unique, completely seamless design. This means the food zone is not only sealed off from all mechanical hardware, but it is also smooth and free of any creases, nooks, or crannies that often prove difficult to keep clean. To top it all off, the parts that make up the food zone snap in and out with ease, require no tools, and are dishwasher safe, making the unit easier to clean. Ensuring you properly care for and maintain your ice machine, in tandem with Ice-O-Matic’s innovative features, will help you avoid unwelcome fines, maintain your food service grade, and find favor in the eyes of your health inspector.

CIM Water TubeRemovable Water Distribution Tube. If you’ve ever been tasked with the responsibility of cleaning an ice machine, you’ll know it isn’t always the easiest job. Ice-O-Matic took those difficulties into account when they designed this series. With a water distribution tube that is easily removed and disassembled for cleaning, you won’t have to worry about scale or mold build up affecting the quality of your ice. And because the distribution tube is dishwasher safe, you can save yourself time and throw that bottle brush away. This unique feature ensures clean ice every time.

CIM One Touch CleaningOne-Touch Cleaning. One-touch descaling and sanitizing provides the utmost in food safety. Smart LED lighting indicates the status of the ice machine and alerts the user when cleaning is required. Then, with the addition of descaling or sanitizing fluid and the simple touch of a button, you can keep your unit at its best. In addition, built in Agion® ensures unbeatable antimicrobial protection. These features help prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses and protect the health and safety of customers.

Designed to Simplify Life

Different Capacities. Same Reliable Features.

Harvesting Ice Just Got Simpler.

When it comes to harvesting ice, most machines use a cam switch to trigger when ice should be pushed away from the evaporator and into a bin. While this system is effective for harvesting the ice, the maintenance or replacement of the parts involved is difficult, time consuming, and messy, potentially leading to expensive service calls. Thus, when Ice-O-Matic built this series, they decided to completely reengineer the harvesting system. Now, harvesting ice is triggered by a magnet switch at the curtain. This means the curtain will allow ice through into the bin until the triggered by the magnet switch which causes the curtain to close tightly until ready to harvest once more. This innovative technology means fewer moving pieces and a system that is simple, effective, and easier to service and maintain.

Simplifying Service.

No one wants the headache of servicing and maintaining equipment that is crucial to the success of their company. In addition, finding reliable experts to work on that equipment is more difficult than ever. It is inevitable—a broken ice machine causes customer dissatisfaction and can be a major health concern. Not to mention, stress levels would be high if you tried to run a commercial kitchen without any ice. Keeping your ice machine well serviced and in peak condition is a nonnegotiable. This is why Ice-O-Matic designed the Elevation Series to be easier to service than ever before. In fact, the intuitive nature of this design often eliminates the need for frustrating service calls altogether, empowering people to maintain their own equipment and lessening their reliance on tracking down a service technician.

The Elevation Series ice machines require minimal installation and come equipped with mission-critical indicators that notify you of any concerns regarding the condition of your machine. Plus, you will no longer have to worry about crossing wires, because each plug is different, in appearance and purpose, than any of the others. These features, paired with the addition of a trademarked Universal Smart Harness control board, digital diagnostics, and common configuration, will save you time and money. Regular maintenance keeps your ice maker running smoothly, leading to higher revenue and less stress. Thus, Ice-O-Matic sought to do everything they could to make servicing as doable for you as possible.

A Company that Believes in Their Products.

Committed to increasing environmental stewardship, Ice-O-Matic offset their carbon footprint by 40%. They partnered with the American Forests and Global ReLeaf Initiative which resulted in a design that redefines the ecological limits of the ice making industry. The Elevation Series ice machines are produced in a factory that recycles oil, scrap metal, and light bulbs, and are constructed with BPA-free plastics and recyclable parts. This, paired with digital controls designed to strictly monitor energy use, allow these ice machines to meet or exceed 2018 Department of Energy (DOE) regulations. Ice-O-Matic boasts up to 20% increased efficiency over competing models on the market. When you invest in the Elevation Series, you partner with a manufacturer who desires to see the environment flourish.

To tie it all together, Ice-O-Matic believes in what they’ve created—so much so, in fact, that they back the Elevation Series with a commercial warranty covering the parts and labor for three years on the ice machine, parts on the compressor for five years, and parts and labor on the evaporator for an extended seven years when enrolled in the water filter registration program. Like the Elevation Series, the process is simple. All you have to do is register your ice machine and water filter with Ice-O-Matic and replace the easily-changed water filter cartridge every six months. That’s it.

The Elevation Series self-contained cube ice machines bring further flexibility and groundbreaking features to your commercial kitchen. From the addition of exclusive dual exhaust technology and a reengineered harvesting system to setting the bar in environmental responsibility, the Elevation Series takes the business of ice making to the next level. And the results of these modifications speak for themselves—crystal clear ice, fewer frustrating service calls, and more money in your pocket at the end of the day. It’s a win, win, win. Designed by a company who has tirelessly refined the way ice is created and served for over 60 years, the Elevation Series is a one-of-a-kind line of ice machines, carefully constructed and built to last.

Wondering If a Particular Model is Available?

Ice-O-Matic will be rolling out these new units throughout 2018 to replace the older ICE models. We will update this post as more units become available, but for now, here are all of the new machines available for immediate shipment! Check them out!

Launch Group ICE Series Elevation Series
One ICE0250FA CIM0330FA
One ICE0250FT CIM0330FA
One ICE0250FW CIM0330FW
One ICE0250HA CIM0330HA
One ICE0250HT CIM0330HA
One ICE0250HW CIM0330HW
One ICE0400FA CIM0430FA
One ICE0400FT CIM0430FA
One ICE0400FW CIM0430FW
One ICE0400HA CIM0430HA
One ICE0400HT CIM0430HA
One ICE0400HW CIM0430HW
One ICE0406FA CIM0436FA
One ICE0406FW CIM0436FW
One ICE0406HA CIM0436HA
One ICE0406HW CIM0436HW
One ICE0500FA CIM0530FA
One ICE0500FT CIM0530FA
One ICE0500FR CIM0530FR
One ICE0500FW CIM0530FW
One ICE0500HA CIM0530HA
One ICE0500HT CIM0530HA
One ICE0500HR CIM0530HR
One ICE0500HW CIM0530HW
One ICE0606FA CIM0636FA
One ICE0606FT CIM0636FA
One ICE0606FR CIM0636FR
One ICE0606FW CIM0636FW
One ICE0606HA CIM0636HA
One ICE0606HT CIM0636HA
One ICE0606HR CIM0636HR
One ICE0606HW CIM0636HW
Two ICE0320FA CIM0320FA
Two ICE0320FW CIM0320FW
Two ICE0320HA CIM0320HA
Two ICE0320HW CIM0320HW
Two ICE0520FA CIM0520FA
Two ICE0520FW CIM0520FW
Two ICE0520HA CIM0520HA
Two ICE0520HW CIM0520HW
Two ICE0806FA CIM0836FA
Two ICE0806FR CIM0836FR
Two ICE0806FW CIM0836FW
Two ICE0806HA CIM0836HA
Two ICE0806HW CIM0836HW
Two ICE0806HR CIM0836HR
Two ICE0856A CIM0836GA
Two ICE0926FR CIM1126FR
Two ICE0926HR CIM1126HR
Two ICE1006FA CIM1136FA
Two ICE1006FR CIM1136FR
Two ICE1006FW CIM1136FW
Two ICE1006HA CIM1136HA
Two ICE1006HR CIM1136HR
Two ICE1006HW CIM1136HW
Two ICE1007FA CIM1137FA
Two ICE1007FR CIM1137FR
Two ICE1007FW CIM1137FW
Two ICE1007HA CIM1137HA
Two ICE1007HR CIM1137HR
Two ICE1007HW CIM1137HW

Looking for a great ice machine and bin bundle? Here are some of our go-to combinations!

If you are looking for the ideal combination of ice machine and storage bin, let us help some of the guesswork out of the decision. We have created several different bundle options with some of our favorite Ice-O-Matic products. If these don't work for you, feel free to contact our customer service department at and we will gladly help you find your preferred combination.

Bundle SKU Ice Production* Bin Capacity
CIM0330 | B25PP up to 305 lbs. 242 lbs.
CIM0330 | B40PS up to 305 lbs. 365 lbs.
CIM0320 | B42PS up to 313 lbs. 374 lbs.
CIM0430 | B40PS up to 435 lbs. 365 lbs.
CIM0430 | B55PS up to 435 lbs. 510 lbs.
CIM0530 | B40PS up to 520 lbs. 365 lbs.
CIM0530 | B55PS up to 520 lbs. 510 lbs.
CIM0520 | B42PS up to 561 lbs. 374 lbs.
CIM0636 | B55PS up to 600 lbs. 510 lbs.
CIM0836 | B110PS | BPF-1 up to 896 lbs. 854 lbs.
CIM1136 | B110PS | BPF-1 up to 932 lbs. 854 lbs.

Charts updated on February 19, 2019 at 4:10pm EST.

*Ice production calculated at 90° F air/70° F water. Ice output per day varies based upon environmental conditions and size and type of ice. The Specification Sheets provided by the manufacturer is based on the max output of a half cube machine operating under ideal conditions. Full cube ice machines tend to produce a few less pounds of ice per day. To see a full comparison between half and full cube ice makers, see the Differentiated Spec Sheets. Both can be found on the individual listings for the ice machines and bundles under the "Specs" tab.

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Feb 4th 2018 mackenzie.miller

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